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I'd rather not talk about it either.”“'s cool,” Neal murmured, flapping a hand in Mozzie's direction.

Mozzie tipped the last few drops from the bottle into both their glasses, and then toasted Neal before knocking back the scant mouthful. Go wash off the residue from your captivity and impromptu marathon.

“You are a disgrace to wine connoisseurs everywhere.” Neal noted that the bottle remained at Mozzie's elbow.

It was well within his reach, but had very obviously, pointedly, been confiscated.“The ER cleared me, I'm fine,” Neal said.“Uh huh,” Mozzie said, sceptically. That's why you're sitting here, getting drunk at three thirty in the afternoon.”Neal raised his eyebrows.

“You sure you should be throwing stones, Mr Glass House?

”“Touché,” Mozzie conceded, though he didn't give the bottle back. ”“Peter found me a quarter mile east of the Brooklyn Bridge.” Neal didn't talk about how he'd panicked and struck out when Peter grabbed him, how Peter had held on to his wrists and then cupped his hands around Neal's face, getting him to look him in the eye, talking Neal back down from the place he'd disappeared to in his head.

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If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. He likes the order of it, likes helping people, likes that he gets to work with Jace and that Izzy is always right downstairs in the morgue too. Their precinct has just gotten a new forensic expert -- Magnus Bane.

He slid the first glass across the table and waited.“It's past... “Before.” Meaning pre- just about everything, except foster care, group homes, streets.“That's cool,” Neal reassured him, keeping his body language neutral, open.“I thought you'd be gone longer.”“All-nighter. “Long, like the Suit made you file paperwork all day and sign away another piece of your soul to the administration, or long as in someone kicked your ass?

”Neal winced.“Someone kicked your ass, and you what, ran out of Tylenol? He pulled the bottle across the table, and refilled his own glass with a generous measure.

He drained his wine, then tidied both glasses and the bottle into the sink.

He left his wallet on the table before slipping into the bathroom.

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