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One who engages in the process of systematically dating an obscene amount people in short span of time.This definition encompasses but is not limited to internet dating, bar dating, long distance flirtations, phone service dating, blind dating, expiration dating, match making, one night stands, friends with benefits, and personal ad surfing.Even those who retire their online dating profiles, still know how to log on under a different name and continue fishing. Don't make up stories about your whereabouts and play games by being unavailable, but don't sit home and wait for the phone to ring either. You can truly tame the serial dater, when he realizes he has won the prize with you.There are strategies that you must stick to to get this man to come around. Create an exciting life that you would have with or without him. I didn't kiss any of these men, reserving physical contact for the one—I might as well say it—who would eventually win my heart.After years alone, on the cusp of my 35th birthday, I was serious.Last year, in under six months, I dated more than 100 men.

If he talks about himself in the third person, just run.4. It's not that he has to work on a big project, it's that he'd rather go out with the girl he met last night.5. After a few dates, he'll start talking about how effed up he is.__And how he thinks he may be depressed or confused. "Poor guy, I can help." I like to think of this as preparing for his grand exit. You go home and tell your friends about this amazing man. He asks you out for Friday night and you accept the date.But if his charm gets the best of you, you need to play the game on your terms. He will have to wake up one day and realize that it's time to give up the life of being a kid in a candy store. If you are always the Friday night or Saturday night date, let him know that this ritual is important to you. Put a date on your calendar on how long you are willing to date him before receiving a commitment and stick to it. Neither do women, so don't become the nagging girlfriend. Be true to yourself and decide when it's time to move on.You have to become so irresistible and desirable, that it no longer becomes a game to him. Again, if there are too many cancellations, it's a red flag and a sign that you aren't a priority. If he doesn't want to lose you, he'll come back because it was his decision, and that's one that he's more likely to keep.

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