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To test the Cloud Stinger, I ran it through games on a PC and an Xbox One and then connected it to an i Phone to test how it handled music playback. Gunfire sounded crisp and powerful, and explosions felt concussive.

The sound field wasn’t nearly as large, however, as you get on a pricier model such as the Hyper X Cloud II and its 7.1 surround sound.

Despite this reliance on plastic, the Cloud Stinger does not feel cheap.

It has a pleasing weight to it, and the plastic materials have a matte coating that lends an air of sophistication.

Cloud adoption is growing, but how are organizations taking advantage of it?

Interop ITX and Information Week surveyed technology decision-makers to find out, read this report to discover what they had to say!

More business processes and highly-specialized tasks are being targeted for automation with the goal of making people and companies more efficient.

If you haven't considered how intelligent automation will affect your career and your company, and even if you have, following are some points to consider that may help you navigate the issue.

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We put it through its paces to find out how it stacks up next to those competitors.

Over 100 years of crowdsourced data and machine learning help Audubon predict climate change's effect on where birds will live in the future.

Here's how a tiny team of data scientists makes a big impact. Experts take their best guesses on when data protection authorities will strike - and what kind of organizations will be first to feel the sting of the EU privacy law.

Disruption causes quantum shifts in industries and societal behavior by digitizing the analog, upending economic models and otherwise challenging the status quo.

The disruptors differently and act differently than the incumbents. Eliminating bias in the data and algorithms that drive artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives requires constant vigilance on the part of not only data scientists but up and down the corporate ranks.

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