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While the tagine is simmering, wash half the pack of coriander. After 10 minutes, add the spinach in handfuls, stirrring it in until just wilted, a few seconds at a time, per handful. Stir the coriander leaves into the tagine, check the seasoning and serve with the couscous.

Taste the dish and add a little more harissa depending on how hot you like your food. Cooks notes: Preserved lemons are a staple in my cupboard.

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Touted as ‘'low in fat, high in protein'’, it has become the go-to meat for many diets and fitness regimes.

Thanks to consumer demand, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Co-op have already implemented cage-free egg policies and the rest of the supermarkets have committed to going cage-free on all of the eggs sold on the shelves by 2024.

While the chicken cooks, wash the potatoes (no need to peel). Once cooled, thinly slice the chicken, holding it with a fork if it’s still a little too warm for you to handle. Sprinkle over the reserved parsley and chervil to serve.

The beginning of June brings with it Open Farm Sunday, which paints a reassuring picture of the food industry: families can see pigs wallowing happily in the mud, chickens scratching on the range and cows and sheep grazing in the fields across the UK.

Open Farm Sunday, sponsored by some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, doesn’t open its doors to the millions of caged chickens, the pigs trapped in farrowing crates and the cows being intensively milked right here in Britain.

Cut any large ones in half or quarter’s, so they’re roughly all the same size. Keeping a little parsley and chervil back to garnish the salad, add the rest along with the dried dill tops, gherkins and celery to the cucumber. Cooks notes: If you’ve a small appetite, keep some of the cooked potatoes, sliced chicken and watercress back and use them for a lunchbox salad the next day.

Put them in a separate pan and add a good couple of pinches of salt. Chicken, spinach and chickpea tagine with harissa and preserved lemon Harissa is a spicy blend of chilli, herbs and garlic.

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