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He came to widespread public attention with a withering, and sometimes overstated, critique of American automobiles, Unsafe at Any Speed (1965).

The resulting furor, including lawsuits and attempts by the car companies to discredit Nader, led to the first imposition of safety standards for cars.

In the aftermath, consumer issues became a staple among political progressives in the 1960s.

Nader attracted hundreds of young people—who became known as Nader’s Raiders—to work with him on consumer and public health issues .

Four years earlier, Democratic leadership had encouraged Nader to drop out of the race to prevent the Green Party from potentially distracting voters from their candidate, former Vice President Al Gore. Bush by fewer than 1 million votes, some Democrats automatically blamed Nader for spoiling the election [source: Moore].

Running on a platform of government-sponsored healthcare, workers' rights and the Green Party's cornerstone of pro-environmental protectionism, Nader had snagged more than 2.8 million votes -- and an aftermath of outrage from the defeated Democrats.

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Both outsiders ran for president in 2012, but neither amassed enough votes to change the outcome of the race between Mitt Romney and President Obama.

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His book not only created a sensation but was instrumental in the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

His efforts helped create the Environmental Protection Agency.

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