Race and dating new york times

Trump had a diverse set of people around him that included some close African-American associates, like Mr.

Carson and Omarosa Manigault-Newman, a White House aide.

But OKCupid officials said they already had enough evidence to ban Mr. After being contacted by the user, they worked to verify that the man was indeed Mr. 17, the site tweeted, “Within 10 minutes, we banned him for life.”“We do not tolerate anyone who promotes racism or hatred — it’s that simple,” said Elie Seidman, OKCupid’s chief executive, in an email to The New York Times.

“At OKCupid, our mission is to connect people based on substance — based on their shared sensibility.

“We have an acceptable use policy — any site that promotes hatred, violence or racial intolerance, we shut down.”But experts warned that once online services start banning users because of their views, they risk tumbling down a slippery slope.

OKCupid may have had several good reasons to ban Mr.

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Most privately describe him as a 71-year-old man with fixed views and a cloistered history, raised in a heavily white enclave in Queens, who came of age and built a tower in the Manhattan sky when New York City was roiling with racial strife.“Just because you’re a nationalist and you’re white doesn’t make you a white nationalist,” said Katrina Pierson, an African-American who was a spokeswoman for Mr. “Putting Americans first makes you a nationalist and in that case, I’m a nationalist.It was someone hiring you to entertain them and make them money,” said the Rev. Trump was friendly at various points as they both came up as characters in the New York City tabloids.“He has made a deliberate choice to not be inclusive and to be racially exclusive,” said Mr. “He has nobody black, at all, in his inner circle.”Others see a much more complicated social life, less exclusionary than exclusive, infatuated with celebrity of all colors but personally close to few people, regardless of background. Trump does have a small handful of close friends, but most are people he has done business with over the years. Trump, did discount his elbow-rubbing with the black celebrity class as an indication of his open-mindedness.“It’s definitely easier to be with your own kind.Abe Wallach, a former Trump Organization executive, said Mr. At one point, he gave free office space to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. It’s easier for everybody, so if someone is super, super special and super, super interesting you can take them out,” Ms. “I think it was very interesting to him to meet and hang out with Russell Simmons and meet Sean Combs.”But when asked whether she thought Mr. Young, whose mother is black and whose father is white, recalled a man with limited understanding of other cultures. Young at a party in the Hamptons and later asked someone for her number and called her.WASHINGTON — Kara Young, a model who dated Donald J.Trump for two years before he married another model named Melania Knauss, remembers clearly bringing up her race with the real estate tycoon early in their relationship. “He would say, ‘You’re like Derek Jeter.’ And I would say, ‘Exactly.’”“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she added. Trump has created with his equivocation over the violence this weekend at a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va., has refocused attention on the president’s relationship with matters of race.

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