Questions they ask on dating sites

If anything, it indicates the strength of your personality! I just quit my job and gave up my hobbies so I could pursue dating full time.

I mean, finding a partner should be a priority, right?

No effort means no husband (which is exactly what you should be looking for)!

I guess it’s true that you have to date around a little bit if you want to find a partner.

Additionally, many others aren’t looking for love right now at all, and that’s totally acceptable.

Projecting your own standards for social norms onto each other is never okay. No one should ever feel pressured to seek out romance or a relationship just because someone else decides that that’s what they have to have to be perceived as normal, and yet it happens all the time.

Stay tuned for more nuanced articles, addressing different marginalized group, on this topic.

We have difficulty envisioning a woman who isn’t driven by romantic aspirations.

At the end of the day, you’ll date when you want to.

You don’t have to worry about locking someone down before a certain deadline.

Editor’s Note: This article focuses specifically on the ways in which society makes assumptions about single women who date men.

This does not mean that people with other sexual orientations or identities are not also bombarded with annoying questions, but rather, that those questions often look different.

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