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Before this time, over 30% of people mainly met through friends but this has seen a dramatic decline.In an ongoing study, over 20% of heterosexual couples meet online, and 65% of same-sex couples.People on vegetarian diets take care of their protein needs by pairing plant foods that balance each other’s shortfalls.

The artificial pancreas could end the struggles that millions of people face every day. Shell has started to provide ‘fuel’ for electric vehicles, by installing three electric vehicle fastcharging stations in Holloway, Whyteleafe and Derby.Living with type 1 diabetes can be stressful, with the continued monitoring and worry of giving yourself the right amount of insulin.However, this critical process may soon come to an end in the near future.Shell are also looking to grow their own electric vehicle offering by agreeing a deal to purchase New Motion, who are Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging provider.Currently there are over 100,000 fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on UK roads. Since 1995, when went online, the way in which couples meet has vastly changed.

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