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Study Objectives • The research study aims to reveal the extent to which online dating has become common and significant strategy for finding a romantic partner.• To find out how online dating is a legitimate approach of finding the soul mate or a romantic partner.Online dating have recently become a field of concern for many researchers.Valkenburg and Jochen (849) argue that online dating has become a fundamental strategy for finding romantic partners.It entails transacting business operations over cyber space.Over the past 10 years, the world, and specifically the world of house shoppers, has increasingly taken the digital route.

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This research will examine this effect by applying both secondary as well as primary research methods in order to achieve the objectives.But whereas Thailand is considered, online shopping is not accepted by the public due to various factors like low penetration of computers with only 5.25 per 100 people and low access to internet.Moreover Thai citizens are more worried about disclosing their financial information online, the inability to touch and feel the products, trustworthiness of the merchandise and slow transaction process.All it needs are a computer, an Internet connection, and time.With these resources at their disposal, the user has placed themselves in the midst of the dating arena and in touch with like-minded singles.

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