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Support for Windows Mixed Reality Windows Mixed Reality headsets and controllers can now be used with the Adobe Immersive Environment on Windows.This gives users a broader range of hardware to edit and review VR 360 content..Replace clip for Motion Graphics templates To replace a template in a timeline with an updated version from After Effects, simply hold Alt/Option , and drag and drop the new replacement template onto an existing one.You can choose to have the template updated everywhere it was used in a project or limit to one instance.Motion Graphics templates After Effects compositions can now be packaged as Motion Graphics templates, shared via Creative Cloud Libraries, and opened in Premiere Pro.You can then change variables like text, color, size, layout, or mood without changing the overall aesthetic, and you can also create your own templates with text, shape, and clip layers.Intuitive browser for Motion Graphics templates A better browsing and managing experience lets you universally search and preview Motion Graphics templates from your local templates folder, Creative Cloud Libraries, or Adobe Stock right in the Essential Graphics panel to quickly find the template you need.

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See how it works Improved integration with Audition Favorite Audition effects like Surround Reverb, Mastering, and Stereo Expander are now available in Premiere Pro.

See how it works Essential Sound panel Now editors can get professional-quality sound, no expertise required.

The Essential Sound panel gives you optimal audio parameters when you designate a clip as music, effects, dialogue, or ambiance.

Click on a shapes color swatch in the Essential Graphics panel, then choose from Solid, Linear Gradient, or Radial Gradient fill types.

Edit the angle of your gradient, color stops, and midpoints directly from the Program Monitor.

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