Popstar dating sim 2

These places are perfect for dates, or group gatherings. The Sims 2: Nightlife introduces the concept of fury.

Of limited duration, this generally affects which social interactions are accepted.

The company plans to include other idols such as Produce 101, C.

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Some of the new NPCs include party DJs, a Gypsy Matchmaker and Vampires.These each cost different amounts to develop and each has a different popularity with consumers.More importantly is that when you combine different genres and types, it is possible to make combos, which can range from "Not good" to "Amazing! This can be very important to making a top-selling game.It is most likely to occur when a spouse is caught cheating with another Sim.If another Sim becomes furious at the player's Sim, their Sim will be subjected to vandalism, such as having their newspaper stolen, or their trash can kicked over.

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