Polyamory san francisco dating

But I said, “Yes, the one I live with, I love him.” And she said, “No, you don’t. It’s not information they need to interact with me.

When you love someone, it drives you crazy if they even look at someone else.” And I thought, “I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with you.”Steve: Most people at Google aren’t, you know, Haight-Ashbury natives. A couple of people have asked weird questions, but there’s no polyamorous slur that they could use to offend me.

Richard and Steven (the daddies) have been together for 23 years and legally married in 2008, while the three boys joined in the last five or six years.

What does that mean for them to be married when they’re not sexually together?

And although it doesn’t really apply to poly people, I’m super-excited that in California, you can have three parents. : Mick is a master in San Francisco, with four boys of varying levels of formality (bz, bj, bc, and bf) plus a slave named link, all of whom are between 48 and 66 years of age.

Eric: And we’re not [gestures to include the entire family] monogamous as well. Challenges: Richard: Getting the five of us together at one time is challenging. I’ve noticed there are friends I don’t see very much, because there’s just less time. A year or two ago, I started getting Christmas cards from various cousins labeled “To Eric and Family.”Do you envision legalized polyamory?

I invited everybody up to the hot springs last year, and that was the only time we’ve actually traveled. Richard: Three years into our relationship, Steven and I had our own Jewish-pagan ceremony. Right now we’re trying to get the boys to find boys. When I’m 90, Eric will be 77, and he’s going to need someone to push my wheelchair around.

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