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That led at some point to typing out those parts and expanding them to one degree or another.

This was the most time consuming and sometimes tedious part of the whole operation.

Hope everyone's New Year's Eve party went as well as mine. erodite: loved the Charlie’s Angel gag (pun intended).

But no matter how many people at the party, you always have to slip away with that special one when the moment arrives. Gog: Damn it, all we had at my party was Cristal and beluga caviar.

The bayonet cover I don’t have as I hardly ever did anything with Man’s Action as there was very little to interest me inside no matter how enticing the covers. I thought the cover was terrific way back when and was quite disappointed with the story, which was one of the first I started to rewrite.

If you wish to ask about anything specific don’t hesitate to email me. I took the liberty of making a Happy New Year pic with a picture that was posted some days ago.

I haven't posted over there in a long time, but I think they still have some stuff in their galleries. She helped imprisoned Christians, provided them with food and treated the wounds of torture victims.

A number of year ago (at least 10, perhaps 15) I discovered that Ebay had offerings of the magazines I enjoyed 40 years before.

The availability of like material was scarce for someone like myself who was not aware of venues that catered to one’s sexual needs. But I was not aware of the ones that were dedicated to bondage and torture and only knew of those that were mainstream, usually with one scene of some interest.

I don’t think I could name one title but here and there a line has adhered to my brain.

Further, at some point I do want to contribute to the GIMP Comics section.

I was working on something a while back, but I wasn't happy with how it was turning out.

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