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To curb the craving for alcohol, take ten grams of kudzu powder every day.

Angelica reduces the craving and withdrawal symptoms of alcohol.

Berries are an excellent snack that contains natural sugar, which is something that ex-drinkers tend to crave.

Oats are also good for controlling blood sugar and serve as a relaxant.

Alcohol consumption on daily basis causes the deficiency of vitamin B.

In order to heal the body from within, it becomes very important to replenish and restore this vitamin in the body.

These milk thistle capsules not only promote liver health, but b Kudzu has been used since times immemorial to cure several ailments and treat alcohol addiction.

The powerful medicinal virtues and antioxidant properties of this herb reduces the damage and regenerates the damaged liver tissues.

It is fine to mix in a few sports drinks for flavor but try to stick primarily to water for fluid intake.

The main motive of detox is to flush out the toxins from the body, so, you may also want to stay away from caffeine as it promotes chemical build-up.

Eat fresh and natural food during the detox regimen.

It is an anti-inflammatory herb that curbs the desire of having alcohol.

This herb can cause sickness and nausea if you go back to drinking at all.

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