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And it’s this desire to be liked—by the media, by the filmmakers, by his constituents, by his bevy of sexting partners—that seems to drive Weiner, both politically and personally. So Weiner’s campaign adviser devises a plan for the couple to cut through a Mc Donald’s into the venue as Leathers—cameras in tow—scampers after them.While Leathers is undoubtedly painted as the film’s outright villain, it’s Abedin who plays the role of tragic hero, braving each and every outrageous blow—and worrying about the media fallout every step of the way.

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It all came crashing down in 2011, when it was revealed that Weiner had been sexting and exchanging NSFW photos with a gaggle of women online. The filmmakers of Weiner really lucked out here, tagging along for one of the most spectacular political campaign implosions in recent memory.

Weiner is adamant that Abedin join him on the campaign trail, but she resists, claiming she has a phone call with “Philippe” that she has to take.“Act like a normal campaign candidate’s wife,” Weiner insists.

“You don’t know anything,” mutters Abedin, before rolling her eyes off-camera.

On Tuesday, we reported that Vanessa dated former Latin King Valentin Rivera from when they were approximately 15 years old until they were approximately 20 years old. Did you wonder if she fantasized about Valentin Rivera when intimate with you? The politico started losing his mind after President Donald Trump tweeted at a.m.

On Wednesday, Reines posted on Twitter, “@Donald JTrump Jr — Vanessa being with a Latin King must’ve driven you insanely jealous. Wednesday morning, “The Fake News is working overtime.

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