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Facebook could increase engagement on its mobile app with the feature and collect a new kind of personal data, which would in turn help its ad revenue growth.Meanwhile, the 22% sell-off of Match Group shares based on the Tuesday announcement seems exaggerated and is a buy opportunity. Facebook (FB) will be entering the online dating industry later this year by adding a dating layer to its main mobile app.It was the matching algorithm that helped me find my perfect woman on Asia I got an email about the new match from the site’s team and saw a picture of a fabulously adorable Chinese lady.Another advantage of is its powerful matching algorithm that connects men and women who have the potential to be your soulmate.It analyzes your dating preferences and finds women who come closest to meeting them.

As you may have gathered, Asia is not the cheapest place to look for love online.

Of course, it also determines if you also meet their dating criteria.

To produce the best matches, Asia Charm’s matching system needs to collect information about yourself and the woman of your dreams.

That’s why you ought to submit the most accurate information in the welcome questionnaire upon your first log-in.

Providing answers, you specify details like the age and education level of the woman you are looking for, as well as describe your own characteristics such as home country, marriage history and physical height.

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