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So when in France we target Paris, but we have tens of thousands of users in cities like Marseilles, Orleans, Lise, Strasbourg.It is the same in the UK; we target London, but you have a lot of users also in places like Liverpool.She asked me if I was in a relationship with anyone, and I said I wasn’t. Possibly the look of madness in the eye while I try to hold a number of theories in my head and analyse my data and finish this marking and reply to my students’ requests and apply for more funding. [Nothing says ‘date me’ like academia exhaustion, amirite? Books : Critical Discourse Analysis, Conducting Qualitative Research, Analysing Qualitative Data (8 ed.). Saying the word ‘problematise’ and realising people are looking at me strangely. I have no idea how I got this far without everyone realising I’m a fraud. You want to go for a drink and talk about my thesis.Her reply summed it up: “That’s probably for the best.” Relationships are incompatible with Ph Ds, seems to be the conclusion. Anything by Erving Goffman, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler or Pierre Bourdieu. Although I definitely don’t want to talk about my thesis.The marketing that we are doing is also around 50% of our total expense.We target major cities with dense populations, mainly twenty to forty year olds.To address this, I thought I would offer my own, painful insight, by making suggestions for what an academic’s honest dating profile might look like. Except Harry Potter, which I find is a good cure for academic insomnia. But is there a difference between myself and the Ph D? Except I am a complete failure, I am definitely going to be alone forever, and definitely not going to have a career in academia. My Self-Summary I’m a Ph D student in London, researching women in the boardroom. I’m in the last 6 months of my Ph D, so I spend most of my time re-reading sections of my thesis that I have already re-written many times over, and drinking too much coffee, and getting angry with people who get between me and the coffee. Music – Classical, ambient, or generally anything that doesn’t have words to it, so I can listen to it while I work.

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Last year at a conference I was talking to one of my mentors about how it felt to be in the final year of a Ph D. Becoming increasingly aware that every minute spent with my friends or a dating partner is paid for in time that should be spent working.

"I am totally single," the 38-year-old told the Australian publication.

"I think I'm looking for the right person, but there isn't a good pool of people to date in L.

Those people leave and come back and they re-download the app.

For us the issue is to be known and considered as a leading dating app where people can find what they need at the time.

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