Peerblock not updating

Even then, Peerblock is not perfect as new IPs, etc., can alway be out there keeping tabs on things.

However, every little bit helps, so Peerblock definitely can only help and not hurt, in my opinion.

It is useful from both a security and privacy standpoint and a simple firewall will not provide the same sort of protection in most cases.

I use it on my personal computer and have not been shut down by my ISP since like I have before for downloading copyrighted materials.

The industry clocked on to the use of these blocklists and started data gathering from ips assigned to domestic users. Using a program to block ips doesn't make that program a panacea of the whole thing here because it is not the program itself to block the ip but the ipfilter loaded by it .

It was practically impossible to distinguish a good peer from a bad one and to this day that remains the case. So the core of the protection is only and exclusively the ipfilter .

To cut a long story short, they are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. "Peerblock" is "Peerguardian", im am not sure why although i recall some time ago being notified that they had changed the name of the software when it said there was a newer version available to download. I'll definitely be updating's only a matter of time before they stop the updates on the peerguardian one.. That's why I use only a real ipfilter , very updated and with a fine support : p2..

So far as the program itself goes, it works very well and I have it installed on numerous systems that i maintain. and form what I found on the net and by talking with its creators these guys are the people up in the days to discover and promote the use of ip filtering .

It had been several months since I had the list update. Then click the “Generate & Set New ID” button to set a new unique ID.Does anyone have a good reason for me not to use this program?Well, Peerblock itself will show the name of who owns the IP that's trying to connect (you'll see a lot of school names pops up, some government agencies, etc.), but otherwise I guess you'd probably have to check or related sites to further look into IP details..anything I'm too familiar with, I just get a kick out of seeing all the attempted connections on Peerblock itself. Peerblock basically loads lists of IP addresses that you download from the web and then blocks those addresses, you can choose different lists, for example one list contains all government ip's another will contain anti piracy companies etc etc The lists are kept up to date by groups that work for free.PG is pretty much on the ball with their lists though. Been through this a million times back in my days as a file sharing admin. Once upon a time there were server farms who's role was to distribute fake files while logging all connections from clients. Users would submit bad ip blocks and once verified these blocks would be added to various blacklists, usually maintained by folks such as Bi SS.Problem is that once a block was established it was rarely removed and once these ips were reassigned the block would remain even if they could now be considered "legitimate" peers.

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