Parental dating and child attachment Moldova cam sites

Attorneys and judges enter the arena to offer their partisan advice and pronounce their judgments.

Decisions that favor either the father or the mother are considered; sometimes a compromise is reached between their competing interests.

A variety of deep emotional wounds are created before, during, and after a divorce or separation.

Many savage, costly battles begin when a marriage breaks up.

During divorce and separation, the child’s emotional well-being is at considerable risk.

The ‘problem’ of the late weaner does not rest in the mother and baby’s relationship but in our own distorted perception of the relationship of mother and child.

The course of these processes is set in the early years of life by the quality of the attachment bond that is established then.

Divorce and separation are a reality that profoundly affects the lives of each family member.

Probably none is more destructive to all concerned than the fight for custody and/or visitation rights.

Father and mother often lock horns in a bitter struggle to determine the conditions under which they can spend time with their children.

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