Pagdating ng mga

There is also a need for increased support to the communities through better access to livelihood programs and better education for its populace. – (Nida- 63.928.7185721/ Manolo- 63.906.6155546) [email protected]; or if you wish to visit the centre and don’t know how, the lovely folks at Bataan Tourism can certainly help you ( 6347.2374476/ 6347.2374785) – [email protected]

I hope that by raising awareness about the plight of these marine turtles as well as the communities that protect them, everyone could take positive action and help out in preserving not only the pawikans, or our national marine heritage, but our environment as well.

Sadly, such activities have received a lukewarm response from the Philippine government like the case a few years ago where a boatload of Chinese fishermen were caught entering Philippine waters illegally and fishing in the protected and UNESCO World Heritage area – the Tubbataha Reef.

Because of severe pressure from powerful Beijing, these criminals were released with nary a punishment or even an outcry.

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Since 1999 when a Bataan community organization called Bantay Pawikan Inc.————————————————————————————————————– The SSS contribution table below is valid only up to December 2013.SSS announced through Circular 2013-010 the new SSS contribution table effective January 2014.The coastline where Pawikan Conservation Centre sits is home to the original nesting sites of the Olive Ridley turtle species.We were greeted by Mr Manolo Ibias one of the center’s leaders, who is a former poacher himself but now one of the staunchest defenders of the pawikans.

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