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If a woman feels her husband is abusive, narcissistic, dishonest, or addicted to porn, but there is no obvious evidence that any of this is true, then what?

What if other’s who know him would disagree with any of these assertions?

Could it be that one of the ways she is thwarting a “workable solution” is that she refuses to do joint marital counseling with you?

I’m clear that marital counseling is not recommended when someone is in an ongoing abusive relationship.

I observe many marriages where the women are vicious and relentless in their harangues of their husbands and children.

Enough said…I also know first hand that women can be abusive and if you have read anything about my own story, my mother was the abuser and my father was a great man, as is my husband.

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I thought it would be helpful to let you in on both his questions and my responses to his concerns.

I also want you to respond to him from your experience with well-meaning people helpers.

Remember, we are all working on CORE strength and so I would appreciate you being constructive and respectful as you respond, even if you get triggered or disagree with his thoughts.

I do have another book, Your articles and talks give a distinct impression that if a woman “feels” controlled, fearful, confused, objectified, etc., she IS probably being abused.

Our post-modern feeling-obsessed culture notwithstanding, feelings are often not a reliable indicator of reality.

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