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if you have light skin, you should use a dark shirt.

If you have dark skin, you should use a light shirt.” Most importantly, use your image as a way to express who you are. Use photos of you playing a sport, painting or performing on a stage. In , Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner reference a paper on online dating done by researchers at the University of Chicago and Duke University.

Even though we’re all complex beings, people categorize us to make sense of the world.

Are you the party animal doing keg stands, an investment banker closing a deal or jetsetter back from his latest trip?

Here are five simple tips for creating a more attractive and interesting online persona through Facebook: A profile is a collection of characteristics that people look at to gauge our personalities.

Often times, people will get to know us better based on our status updates, photos and other media.

I have met a lot of amazing people, I have traveled with them, interviewed them and I have learned something very important: it is exhausting to live life to the fullest. It is more important for most people to curl up on their couch after a long day then to go on some zany adventure. Chances are, you probably sit in a cubical wondering how you ended up spending 8 hours a day pretending that you are working.

Someone who lives life to the fullest has photos, status updates, and videos showing how wild their life is.

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If that is too much effort, put everyone on the highest privacy setting and create exceptions.There is a lot of spam that will appear on your wall.People will post the dumbest media, updates and gifts from applications.Don’t be afraid to delete these posts or block those stupid applications.When someone comes to your page, do you really want them to see that the latest item on your wall was “Heather has bought you a shot”?

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