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I will not boast but I am pretty good in I'm kind, loyal and honest.I like music, movies, fishing, camping, traveling, riding and literature.I'm from Toronto, DH is from Hamilton (we reside here) We met on POF (my only time on any dating site, pre-tinder). I'm assuming each site has a crappy people and you just need to wade through the crap before finding a good one. I get the impression that e Harmony is catered more towards people who are looking for more serious relationships.There's options for casual encounters interests but I don't think it's used so much compared to other services.I was born in Alberta Calgary I got adopted when I was Gary and a half years old now I live in Sarina Not in a relationship I have dark brown hair dark brown eyes I am 5 foot seven I considered myself Average body I am I'm a nice person I love to keep a conversation I would like to start a friendship first the maybe later on date or not I'm very shy and short.If you play sports I would like to play too but I'm not good at it.

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Their technical support has not been helpful at all, but I wonder if I call them out on putting out a profile of me that I have no access to or lying to their users about having likes them may actually fix my confirmation code problem. Guess I won't have to try an blackmail them with an insignificant scandal anymore.

My personalty traits are various, sincere, loving, humble, caring, funny, romantic, understanding, cheerful, I am here to find casual dates for me and for a weekend away to Niagara Falls with a room to see the falls at night and has a Jacuzzi. I study for one year in Hong Kong to I am a hard working person in all aspects of my life.

I believe that there is more pleasure to give than to get.

I love going to church, I love to sing and read books especially my Bible.

Drummond's is one of Ontario's oldest established maple syrup producers, dating back to 1794.

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