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In all, the remarkable set contains over 23 hours of smiles from TV's original reality program!For more details and to purchase your set, click here to visit our Merchandise Section.Read an article about Candid Camera's first 10 shows that Peter wrote for The New York Times. And click here to learn 5 things one writer has to say about Peter. "Getting There Is Now One-Tenth of One Percent the Fun" -- I’m vacationed out.Op-Ed Columns Now Posted online Peter Funt tackles the issues in his op-ed columns, now available on this Web site. PUBLISHED: May 22, 2018 CLICK HERE FOR MORE COLUMNS.

Andy Gibb was talented and hot, until the drugs ruined him.

The set begins with the two-hour Greatest Moments program, hosted by Peter Funt.

There's a bonus disc containing Candid Camera's debut on NBC in 1949.

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