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We had a long mouthful of tongue kiss before we got out and had our dinner. Every time he passed me, he placed a hand on my shoulder, or brushed up against my hand.After which, she told me about this place behind an old theatre where we can go to be discreet. I suggested we all go down to the hot tub before it closed.Incest is not: role play, kissing, step-anything (but, eh, its allowed), wrestling, talking about incest, masturbating.Other bullshit: No audio, no dialog, music in place of dialog, inaudible nonsense, videos uploaded by people known to upload bullshit, pictures, softcore, duplicates, almost ALL pro porn, and any other dumb-shit gimmick to make mislabeled crap seem like legitimate incest. That includes shit like the xxx-posed vids, slices of longer vids, and so on. All videos must be in English, or otherwise provide at least some indication that its two family-folk bumpin' hips.Our families don't talk to each other because of issues.I actually got her to admit that she liked the idea of us getting together because no one would think we would do anything sexual with each other so i went to her place, picked her up and went for dinner.No fantasy, no imagination needed, no bullshit.--HOW TO JOIN THIS GROUP: Its easy, just add me (sizzlen) as a friend. However, this nonsense is the only way that I know of to facilitate the moderation of video collections on Motherless..This isn't a plot to increase my make-believe friends list or some weird twisted shit like that.. and its really f'n annoying to spend more time looking for vids than pulling on my dick when I just want to quickly turn a frown upside down.

This is a group for the discerning individuals who need the real deal, and only the real deal. You can then remove me as a friend, if you care enough to do that.--I'm already annoyed that something so simple would need someone (me) to write formal shit about a grouping of porn pics and videos.

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Now, while sexting, she mentionned her bf doesn't pleasure her or last more than 10 minutes. He flew out from cali, and I drove a few hours south to meet them all. I was there for his sisters to hang out and help out with photography and such. Afterward, we all took turns showering and changing into our sleepclothes.

She also says she is into a lot of taboo things, one of which being rimming which i have never done but thought why not try. When we were introduced and realized we knew each other, we were a little shocked and surprised to see how the other had changed. After the rehearsal dinner, we all got pretty faded. It was a hot day, and 7 people in a room didn't help.

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