Notifydatasetchanged not updating

In fact, on Bind Header View Holder doesn't get called at all.

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When we create adapter and set it to listview, listview will point to object somewhere in memory which adapter hold, data in this object will show in listview.

this will do not affect to data in listview because the list is pointing to different object, this object does not know anything about new object in adapter, and notify Data Set Changed() affect nothing.

Now My question is why List is not refreshing with Map values.

why does my listview not update when I call notify Dataset Changed() ?

I doesn't use xml-files for layout and build everything in code.

Notify Data Set Changed() method of my adapter nothing happens at the List View which has it bound.You'll probably want to have the adapter replace its contents with that your different Array Lists then.I would make your Custom Adap be a subclass of Array Adapter.A button changes the displayed string-value of the first Item (not displayed until swiping-gesture).A second button adds a new Item (also not displayed until swipe-gesture).

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