Nnm map not updating

Not a great solution, in my experience, if you’re frequently working on different environments, and in different teams.

Perhaps managing a small number of machines, it works well for, but it's really not great when you have upwards of about 300 (which we surpassed quite a while ago now). HP NNM is a world class enterprise network fault monitoring solution.

There is essentially no distinction between implementation detail and user interface.

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Hard up to fifth, then handbrake turn to make the exit.” Most of the power of Git is aimed squarely at maintainers of codebases: people who have to merge contributions from a wide number of different sources, or who have to ensure a number of parallel development efforts result in a single, coherent, stable release. But the majority of Git users are not in this situation: they simply write code, often on a single branch for months at a time.

Case in point: Translation: git-rebase – Sequentially regenerate a series of commits so they can be applied directly to the head node Remember the complicated information model in step 1? Keep using Git, and more concepts will occasionally drop out of the sky: refs, tags, the reflog, fast-forward commits, detached head state (!

), remote branches, tracking, namespaces Git doesn’t so much have a leaky abstraction as no abstraction.

The most spectacular example of this is the command “git am”, which as far as I can tell, is something Linus hacked up and forced into the main codebase to solve a problem he was having one night.

It combines email reading with patch applying, and thus uses a different patch syntax (specifically, one with email headers at the top). They describe the commands from the perspective of a computer scientist, not a user.

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