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Investigation will be required on both NFS Client and NFS Server.For non-Red Hat NFS Clients or Servers, engage the vendor of the non-Red Hat system.Some specific instances have been: For example, the NFS Client networking misconfiguration, NIC driver or firmware bug causing NFS requests to be dropped, NFS Client firewall not allowing NFS traffic in our out.

Examine the packet captures for signs of network problems, such as retransmits/duplicates, TCP/IP handshake problems, delays in NFS RPC replies, etc.

I used Windows Services for Unix in XP but have been informed this is not available for Windows 7.

I do not see a NFS Client in the Windows 7 Professional version.

We will limit ourselves discussion of NFS3 protocol as downgrading of NFS4 to NFS3 is kind of universal troubleshooting method for NFS4: if problem persists then you can problem=lsioot it in NFS 3 and the switch back.

If problem disappears that it is doe to flaky implementation of NFS3. For example NFS 4 is more picky and can mount directories with permissions when NFS3 mounts it correctly.

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    If you're seeing artifacts only after the operating system loads then the first thing you should do is the standard "update your drivers" drill: update your motherboard chipset drivers, and uninstall your display drivers and then reinstall the latest display drivers.

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