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This page expands upon the information in our short introduction to Jamestown.For perspective on the present, a brief account of This page contains a summary of many interesting places to visit and things to do in and near Jamestown and Newport, with links to additional information.The £10,000 cost of that will also be paid for out of their own pockets.Jamestown's character is defined by links - to its past and to other places through ferries, bridges and lighthouses.Topics include Jamestown shopping and restaurants, ferry and sightseeing boats, parks and recreational areas, things to see and do in Jamestown, information about Narragansett Bay, a list of lighthouses in and near Jamestown, Conanicut Island neighborhoods, Jamestown businesses, visiting Newport, visiting other nearby destinations, traveling to Jamestown and keeping up with local news and information.It also has a link to a page of Jamestown-focused websites.True to its name, this hard-to-ignore, privately-owned Jamestown house perches atop a rock in Narragansett Bay called Dumplings Island, which is a bit south of Jamestown's harbor and the Newport (Pell) Bridge.

The 1938 hurricane caused considerable damage, but the structure remained sound. Covering 280 acres, it has cattle, sheep, horses, a large vegetable garden and two miles of picturesque trails. Housed in a 19th century schoolhouse, at 92 Narragansett Avenue, the Jamestown Historical Society operates the Jamestown Museum. Display cases hold ancient and Colonial period Narragansett Indian artifacts, European artifacts from the 1600s, photos and maps.

But after stamp duty and additional costs it was more like £25,000.

They also benefited from a help to buy equity loan - a five-year interest free loan that paid for 20 per cent of the cost of the house.

The couple were handed the keys to their £220,000 detached three-bedroom home in Newport, south Wales last June.

They claim the secret to home ownership is giving up partying and takeaways, living on baked beans and noodles instead.

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