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But in the process, it paints trans identity as suspect, does nothing to counter the hurtful misconception that trans women are either “men” exercising entitled “male privilege” in deeming themselves female or sexual fetishists acting out “erotic compulsions,” and holds up authors who’ve written book-length academic works delineating these ideas as noble, aggrieved scholars.

TAP TWICE to zoom in on a page; tap two more times to zoom out. THIS ISSUE displays thumbnails; jump to a page or a section. The New Yorker magazine was first released in 1925 and has more than 1 million subscribers today.The magazine is owned and operated by Conde Nast and is extremely popular with people living in the Eastern United States.In contrast, she quoted only four trans women, including no quotes from books; two of her trans sources actually support radical feminist viewpoints.Likewise, Goldberg quotes TERFs misgendering trans women repeatedly, never mentioning that trans women find such language dehumanizing and hurtful.

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