Netapp updating drive firmware

2) Wanted to confirm that I will need to run this firmware and the disk qualifier on both of the nodes in the pair.

command to manually update firmware on all disks or a specified list of disks on a node.

A manual update is not necessary unless the new firmware is not compatible with the storage system disks.

I have been tasked with upgrading the drive firmware on a pair of FAS2240's running 8.2.3P3 7 Mode and I had a couple of questions.

If it is older then you can follow these steps to update Start your HTTP File Server application and drag and drop the Netapp Disk Qualification Package into the application You will see in the URL bar something along the lines of: Establish an SSH session to your Netapp cluster.

We are going to check your current disk qual package version.

Once you have copied the newest version to /etc/disk_fw/ drive, and options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable is set to on automatic, background and non-disruptive update will start.

In /etc/messages you should see message like: Wed Dec 28 EST [offline:notice]: Marking Disk /my_aggr/plex0/rg0/0c.00.3 Shelf 0 Bay 3 [NETAPP X287_HVIPC288A15 NA01] S/N [XXX] offline.

If the date is the same as the Disk Qualification Package then you don’t need to update it.

Wed Dec 28 EST [bdfu.selected:info]: Disk 0c.00.3 [NETAPP X287_HVIPC288A15 NA01] S/N [XXX] selected for background disk firmware update. Wed Dec 28 EST [online:notice]: Onlining Disk /my_aggr/plex0/rg0/0c.00.3 Shelf 0 Bay 3 [NETAPP X287_HVIPC288A15 NA02] S/N [XXX].

Wed Dec 28 EST [dfu.firmware Downloading:info]: Now downloading firmware file /etc/disk_fw/X287_HVIPC288A15. Wed Dec 28 EST [offline:notice]: Marking Disk /my_aggr/plex0/rg0/0c.00.3 Shelf 0 Bay 3 [NETAPP X287_HVIPC288A15 NA01] S/N [XXX] offline.

Now all you have to do is to go compare your version with the current one.

Check all the per-requsits, download the new one and go with the given instruction of installation.

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