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Instead, the mode is a shooting gallery simulating the training the characters went through during the television show.

The game allows players to select any pilot from the show as a playable character in this mode.

Upon meeting with Commander Gendo Ikari, he is charged with taking care of the First Child, the mysterious Evangelion pilot Rei Ayanami.

It is up to the player to decide Ayanami's weekly schedule, balancing between education, duties at NERV, and leisure.

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Lucky Rabbit Reflex is an Otome styled Visual Novel Dating, Love and Social Networking Simulation by Studio Super 63.The game, released only in Japan, is a minigame collection of sorts spanning the entire Evangelion storyline.Scenes from the anime are reenacted using both the game's engine and motion .gif-style video sequences.The game allows you to be a character in the game (Boy or a Girl) try finding out a boyfriend or a girlfriend for you while building and developing a life…Neon Genesis Evangelion 64 is an adaptation of the popular anime series for the Nintendo 64 released by Bandai.

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