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Shes got the body of a goddess and uses it to her advantage. Her trousers stuck to her skin so tightly that her tight ass looked so hot that Ashley just wanted to fuck her there and then but he knew that would come.One day Ashley was walking down the street, minding his own business when a very expensive looking motorbike stopped beside him. The jacket was also black leather which stuck to her so tight and made her DD boobs look even bigger.The sight of this made Ashley want to fulfil Hannahs demand even more, as well as making him crave a cigarette. I wanna hear you beg for me Hannah said, now toying with Ashley.She was taking deep drags on her cigarette and exhaling through her nose like a dragon. I steal fast motorbikes and cars and take them for a ride.Ashley didnt even reply, he just took a final drag and dropped his cigarette, stepping on it as he jumped on the back of the big, sexy motorbike that Hannah had stolen.

Ashleys cock was screaming out for Hannahs warm pussy, who was still wearing her black, leather boots.

Ashleys heart was racing, he knew that he was about to fuck the bad girl that every guy wanted.

Many guys had had her already, Hannah gets a different fuck every night.

They arrived at Hannahs house and wasted no time going in.

Hannah took another cigarette out of her leather jacket pocket as they walked silently to her bedroom.

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