Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

I am seeking one suggestion on how to build an excel macro for below requirement.

Request you to provide your valuable comments in EXCEL Only.

You might suspect that we always come down in favour of using spreadsheets for business applications. (I don’t admit to having heard of Fun Boy Three or Bananarama…).

The truth is that there is only ever one answer to the question: The answer is: “It Depends! Spreadsheets are a tool, and like any tool you need the right one for the job. So, it might be useful to list the Seven Deadly Spreadsheet Sins, how to avoid temptation and be delivered from all evil.

Scenario I have one spreadsheet "Product Master" that contains all the product details. Product ID, Product Name, Product Type, Quantity etc etc) I am designing a using excel VBA where anyone can fetch all the details of a product based on its Product ID.

Now the product-master sheet where all the product details is present will get updated on a daily basis.

The problem is that people like to view data in a totally different way than a computer likes to process it.

Bring data into a workbook in tables, calculate in tables and then present a report using matrices, graphs, charts, summarized tables or anything else that makes the data readable. Spreadsheets are error-prone because they have thousands of live formulas that are almost impossible to check. Not only do multiple live formulas increase the probability of error, they can also make the workbook fat, unwieldy and slow.

The solution is to set each formula in one cell, paste it to every record and replace with values.

People make decisions without full set of the facts.

Inconsistency can be ironed out by using a systematic worksheet structure.

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