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We use on The Garrard 301 & The Technics SL-1500 the original rubber mat with cotton velvet slip mat, exactly as 1920s hand cranked 78 players use. But the "Transcriptor Saturn" just supports the disc mid air on a few posts.

The disc can be tapped & pushed to see it's not damped at all.

Belt drive turntables are best described as low-end & cheap motors, plastic platters & other nasties such as plastic tomearms with spring weight balancing are well away from hifi & be sure they sound awful.Springs Turntables are a bad idea as springs bounce & echo the bounce, even very slightly in use they oscillate.This means your amplifier can be taking in subsonic bass which can affect some amps, if most Phono stages are not fully extended on the bass for reasons of Rumble dating back to the 1950s & why some amps have Low or Subsonic Filter. In 1975, the last years of the similar Garrard 401, basically the same with a different top & a few changes like the fragile power switch, the 401 was cheaper than the current Zero model & similar.Autochangers are usually not Hifi if a tiny few Transcription ones were made in the 1960s.Semi automatic Turntables are boderline Hifi, if the SL-1500 has a semi-auto version as SL-150.

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