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'My name is Emma Ann Miller and I’m 15 years old and I’m not afraid of you,' said the teenager.

'Nor will I ever be.'The high school student then said that the college and its representatives should get used to being a courtroom. Nassar made that choice for us - your 20-year child-molesting employee,' said Miller. But believe me MSU, bear I will.'She also asked Nassar to do all the victims a favor by outlining all the times he could have been stopped by MSA, USA Gymnastics or Twistars.

The mother-to-be said that she was apprehensive about speaking out, but knew she had to confront the man who had assaulted her while she was a meber of the US junior national team.'I didn’t want this child I’m carrying to be in the same room with a child molester,' said Moore.

Marta Stern had planned to remain anonymous, but changed her mind at the last second on Monday to face Nassar while delivering her statement.'You destroyed my ability to trust,' said Stern, who is eight months pregnant and 'paralyzed with fear' that she might not be able to protect her daughter.It was Geddert's Twistars gym where a number of the victims claimed their were assaulted by Nassar.Lorencen revealed that she began seeing Nassar after she broke her neck in four places following a fall, which Geddert at the time assured her was just a muscle injury.A teenager who is possibly the last victim to have been sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar revealed that she is still being billed for her appointments with the convicted pedophile.Emma Ann Miller was one of the many brave women to speak at the fifth day of Nassar's sentencing hearing on Monday, and said in her victim impact statement that her last visit with the defendant was in August 2016 - just days before he was terminated by Michigan State University.

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