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Don't bother including a source range's category labels when you specify the range—Excel won't include the labels in the destination.

As you can see, the data appears in the same order in ranges of the same size; however, the ranges begin in different cells: A1 in the 1994 Sales sheet, B2 in the 1995 Sales sheet, and C3 in the 1996 Sales sheet.In the Function list box, choose the summary function you want to use. You specify individual source ranges in the Reference text box and then click the Add button to place the reference in the All References list box.(By default, this box will contain the addresses of the ranges you specified the last time you used the Consolidate... To remove those addresses, select them and then click the Delete button.) The form of the references depends on the locations of the source ranges.For example, you can use the addition formula to find the average of those values.Summarizing information by using formulas is handy because you can update the summary calculation simply by recalculating the worksheet.

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