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He is active in the church and the proud father of two young daughters.'While the church does not promote marriage as a treatment method for same-sex attraction, couples who are trying to be lovingly supportive of each other while being true to their religious convictions deserve our support and respect,' said church spokesman Eric Hawkins.'Deserve our support': Preston and Megan Dahlgren hold their daughter Naomi as they pose for a photograph Monday near Salt Lake City.This also means if you like someone, just ask them on a date! , God will give you an opportunity to have that blessing in the millennium.That is to say, if you try and can not find a spouse in this life God will not deny you that blessing because of the lack of options you had, and in the millennium you will be given that chance.Instead of seeking for someone who is perfect, seek for someone who is worthy. You will likely not find that perfect person, and if you did, there would certainly be no interest in you.

She worried that he'd cheat on her with a friend but said the couple's strong connection helped her work through her questions.“When you meet her, you’ll just know and it will be magical.” Or “it will be love at first sight.” But the problem is that is not the rule but the exception.Most people don’t know at first, often it takes multiple dates before you can tell if there is something there.Instead, of trying to “find the one” to set your friend up with, try to help them have a good time.Be like “Hey I know you, and I know this girl, I think the two of you would hit it off and have fun. Sister Paige Holland Unrealistic expectations hurt everyone, as no one feels good enough.

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