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Anita Horsley (Calex) Anita’s to 3 trends: Micro-learning, Mobile, Personalized learning Thankfully, I see a trend of people moving away from the old, boring and lengthy Power Point type of elearning to smaller, bite-sized learning morsels that are easier to digest and make it easier for the learner to find the information that they need, when they need it.The trend that I keep hearing more and more is to make online training more simple.Microlearning will remain hot in 2018, but my hope is that we get more clarity as an industry around what is is and where it applies.Microlearning continues as a big trend because the content is generally a timely drip of highly relevant, easily digested material.As we move to more mobile learning, shorter learning and performance support will be more prevalent. Still undefined in practice it will remain on the minds and lips of L&D and vendors alike well into 2018 as the beliefs about it and it’s place start to solidify.Organizations and employees alike are demanding support that fits their needs.Video is one of those things that flies under the radar for the most part.

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It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood blockbuster, just helpful, relevant and easy to find.

We create video on our phones, on DSLR cameras, and high end video cameras.

We are also seeing more 360 degree video production. The authoring tools not so much, nor any 3rd parties.

Microlearning continues to be the hottest buzzword in our industry.

I hate buzzwords, because it means the usage of a term is spreading faster then it’s understanding.

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