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OKAY NOW TO THOSE WHO ACTAULLY DO SHOW THEIR READING THE AUTHORS NOTES AND ANSWERED THE CHALLENGE. "Out.""Man…I lost my Kitty-bear." Wined the blond as he stretched his arms to grab her but had his hands smacked "Seriously? ""You haven't even given me a chance to brush my teeth." Complained the girl as he grabbed her."Seriously you're worried about that?

Pure strength or do you feel confident in using your chakra with taijutsu?

There's generic bull shit in every story that could be a worthwhile read. If I start reading a story and I read that in the first sentences. Thinking it was vacant, boy was she wrong.'Damn, the old man is definitely better than before' thought the blond as he pulled up his pants after drying himself only to hear the sound of clothing falling to the ground, turning only to see Kitty at the door with her mouth slightly ajar and blushing a bright red."I knew you were becoming bolder Anne, but walking in on me during the shower? " chided the blond with a grin"You would say something like that." Responded Kitty as she composed herself and picked up her clothes from the floor.

I think that's one of the reasons I wanted to rewrite this story just to get away from that crap. Like "A dark night a small innocent boy could be seen running from a mob of hundreds calling for his death" Seriously folks it's a damn Ninja village. And since he's in charge of the military force and he tells you to 'back the fuck off from the kid under penalty of death' you do it. Walking past him with a small blush she muttered "Besides your nothing special to look at.""Ouch…that stung." responded the blond before walking behind her and placing his hands on her hips "Seriously that was just mean.""Yeah well too bad." answered Kitty while placing her clothes within reach of the shower and faced the mirror so she could see the ninja "Do you mind? I mean it is only fair since you have seen me half naked already." Argued the blond as placed his head on top of hers."I don't think so." Answered the girl as she phased from his grip and wagged her finger at him while grinning.

No, I see him more as a father figure in this show. Arriving to see Logan their already warming up."Yo, what's up old man." called out the blond as he began to loosen up a bit."Your late blondy." called out Logan with a grin"Well what can I say I needed something to eat.

No you didn't win, so wipe that smirk off your face. The first person who guessed outside the evolution show! Because I don't know if I stated that for this one you could guess from that show! And finally Vendetta419: Well first of all my bad for not thanking you last chapter for the info on Katherine. I think that's what I like about my style, it's just unpredictable. was as far as the alarm got to before it was skewered by a shuriken from the Xavier's institute very own resident ninja. Why the hell did I agree to have these early morning sessions with Logan?

And it could have been my bad if people didn't guess from the Naruto show. But it's true I know my beginning, my ending and some events that I want to happen. Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto or X-men Evolution Beep Beep Be…

Hartha: Yes this is a rewrite if my story Naruto: X. But the more I think about it the whole 'bad childhood' crap really does making me want to laugh sometimes. I want to swipe that smirk off your face." growled out Logan"Whatever you say, old man." answered the blond before the spar commenced Now 15 minutes earlier, Naruto decided to take a quick shower seeing as he was covered in sweat from the spar he had with Logan never would had expected to find Kitty phasing through the door.

I mean come on a few flashbacks to him being sad and BAM! Now during the mornings Kitty isn't what one would call aware of her surroundings, and as such thought nothing of it when she used her powers to phase through the bathroom door.

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