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If you want to see my chart more closely, click the share button below that video..You will be able to have access to the chart used in that ...Same way, you enter trades near the edges of congestion zones, where bulls or bears are so exhausted that a small amount of pressure can reverse a trend." Trading Ranges is where the ...

GBP updates will be available in the comments section below.In the previous idea we defined the current reversal zone as 6950-7100.Overnight the price dropped to 7040, triggering some limit orders: https:// Lv Duq G-Bitcoin-BTC-Buy-Levels/ I still expect the bottom to be formed in the next couple of days.That would only mean that we would probably make a longer correction by 3-4 months before the final crash comes.So that some are not surprised: The final crash does not mean for me that Bitcoin will drop to zero.

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