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We’re now all vulnerable to false accusations by predominately white women who are mentally ill and brainwashed to think that consensual sexual encounters are rape.I recommend that from this point on you strongly consider recording casual sexual encounters with a hidden camera.LIMA, Peru — It was 3 in the morning when Luis Fernando Figari, the leader of a powerful Catholic organization in Peru, summoned Oscar Osterling and two other young men in their 20s to a room with him.He had made unusual requests before, under the guise of “spiritual guidance,” but not this: Mr. Osterling says, told the men to undress as he pulled out a video camera and started recording.“If someone asked you to do something, you simply did it,” says Mr. “Some 20 years later, I realized that lots of people were asked to undress.”Prosecutors in Peru say that Mr.

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A hidden camera is insurance that allows you to pursue sex without having the bad luck of getting caught up in a girl’s twisted fantasy, like has happened to a Return Of Kings writer.

I recommend college-aged males to put as much importance in buying a hidden camera as textbooks, especially if they’re sleeping with girls after alcohol consumption.

The threat is less for men out of college, but 0 is a trivial cost for complete peace of mind when a girl starts acting weird on you after sex or when you aren’t quite sure if she’s a feminist or mentally ill (the two seem to go hand in hand).

In many states, recording hidden video Two college students in New Mexico had a gang rape charge against them dropped earlier this year after they turned over video of the reported victim giving lap dances in her underwear and grabbing a man’s crotch.

Experts predict an uptick in video as defense in court as an unexpected consequence of the Obama administration’s toughening of sexual violence policies.

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