Liquidating a non profit

Delivery may be made by electronic transmission if and to the extent allowed by the department.

If the document is filed in typewritten or printed form and not transmitted electronically, the department may require that one exact or conformed copy be delivered with the document, except as provided in s. The document must be accompanied by the correct filing fee and any other tax or penalty required by law.

04-5 (Issue Date July 14, 2005) [Full Text] [Status] FSP SOP 90-7-1—An Amendment of AICPA Statement of Position 90-7 (Issue Date February 14, 2008) [As Amended] [Full Text] [Status] Superseded FSPs FSP FAS 106-1—Accounting and Disclosure Requirements Related to the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 (Issue Date January 12, 2004) (Superseded by FSP FAS 106-2, paragraph 2) [Full Text] [Status] FSP FIN 46-1—Applicability of FASB Interpretation No.

46 to Entities Subject to the AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide, (Issue Date July 24, 2003) (Updated as of December 24, 2003) [Full Text] [Status] FSP FIN 46-2—Reporting Variable Interests in Specified Assets of Variable Interest Entities as Separate Variable Interest Entities under Paragraph 13 of FASB Interpretation No.

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A document may specify a delayed effective date, and if it does the document shall become effective on the date specified.46 (Issue Date December 19, 2003) (Updated as of December 24, 2003) [Full Text] [Status] FSP EITF 00-19-1—Application of EITF Issue No.00-19 to Freestanding Financial Instruments Originally Issued as Employee Compensation Reporting a Change in (or the Elimination of) a Previously Existing Difference between the Fiscal Year-End of a Parent Company and That of a Consolidated Entity or between the Reporting Period of an Investor and That of an Equity Method Investee Earnings-per-Share Treatment of Tax Benefits for Dividends on Unallocated Stock Held by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (Consideration of the Implications of FASB Statement No. This issue commonly arises in leasing arrangements among related parties, and in other types of arrangements involving related parties and previously unrelated parties.) (Issue Date March 27, 2006) [Full Text] [Status] FSP EITF 85-24-1—Application of EITF Issue No.85-24 When Cash for the Right to Future Distribution Fees for Shares Previously Sold Is Received from Third Parties (Issue Date June 16, 2008) [Full Text] [Status] FSP AAG INV-1 and SOP 94-4-1—Reporting of Fully Benefit-Responsive Investment Contracts Held by Certain Investment Companies Subject to the AICPA Investment Company Guide and Defined-Contribution Health and Welfare and Pension Plans (Issue Date September 8, 2006) [Full Text] [Status] FSP SOP 78-9-1—Interaction of AICPA Statement of Position 78-9 and EITF Issue No.

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