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SFS remains committed to intercultural understanding and service in the global arena, ideals held by SFS’ founder and first dean, Edmund A. The CERES MA provides a solid grounding in the languages and cultures of the region and interdisciplinary depth in the social sciences.

Students in the program will achieve: Together with the CERES directors, students plan a directed program of study that includes coursework in at least four of the five fields.

Now, they’re kept up-to-date automatically and managed through blocklisting for added security.

Language Requirement Applicants should submit evidence that they have completed the equivalent of at least three years of study of an appropriate language of the region at the college level or that they are native speakers of one of the languages of the region.

This level of language proficiency is keyed to the program requirement, that students who are not native speakers of a language of the region complete two courses of advanced language study and the requirement in some courses that students conduct research in a regional language.

Students are tested in reading and oral proficiency in a language of the region upon entry to the program and placed in the appropriate level of language classes.

Completion of two courses at the advanced level is required for graduation, except for native speakers of a language of the region.

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