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Though there are some similarities between the Wtich and the Night Witch, there are a few differences that make her stand out as well.

Check out these abilities: The Night Witch is a great way to take out those pesky Crushers, which is why we're introducing the Woe of the Night Witch: The Roaster.

Those upgrades come with a plethora of added bonuses too!

Check out the perks you’ll receive when you upgrade your Troops and Battle Machine. With the recent changes implemented to the Clan War matchmaking algorithm, based on the feedback we have been receiving and also after reviewing our data, we felt further changes needed to be implemented. level 6 (TH11) Dragon levels 4-6 hitpoints have been increased Hog Rider levels 6-7 hitpoints have been increased Builder Base With the upcoming Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament on the horizon, we wanted to share with you the new features being released in this next content update.

However, in the Builder Base, these hot air attackers drop Skeletons in mass hordes to sow chaos and confusion among your opponent’s ground defenses.

Use the Drop Ship to obfuscate your kill squads and ranged damage from ground defenses, or use them to clear ground defenses like the Giant Cannon to allow funneling.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the Builder Hall 7 release, and make sure to scroll down to learn more about the latest round of War matchmaking improvements!

NEW: The Drop Ship In your Town Hall, the Balloons drop explosives.

Watch Skeletons, Bombers, and Archers get tossed like confetti.

Even the Battle Machine can only endure a couple hits before it’s taken out of commission.

It is a flame-spitting defensive building that will bathe your foes in scalding plasma with the following details: Set Sail for a New World Welcome to the Builder Base, Chief!

This exciting new land is run by the Master Builder.

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