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(Photo: By Aida Muluneh, Local Understanding, 2016/Courtesy of the artist via W) W Magazine Ethiopian Photographer Aida Muluneh’s Body Painting Pictures Will Stop You In Your Tracks Aida Muluneh’s photographs are showstoppers—quite literally.Combining the shocks of color and crisp geometries of abstract painters like Frank Stella and the disturbing micro-thrills of Man Ray’s fashion pictures (see: the mysterious extra pair of hands in slide 2, or the unlikely angle and skin color of the model’s reflection in slide 4) with the body painting, materials, and traditions of her native Africa, Muluneh’s pictures are designed to short-circuit your eye.Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff March 22th, 2018 New York (TADIAS) — The first time that we featured Fikru Gebre Mariam in Tadias Magazine in 2009 he was an up-and-coming artist commuting between his studios in Paris and Addis Ababa.The Tadias profile, which was written by the late American sociologist and scholar of Ethiopian culture and history Donald Levine, described Fikru’s works as expressed in geometric abstraction.S.—and therefore, as she has said before, felt like an outsider everywhere.After working as a photojournalist with the Washington Post, she returned to Ethiopia to explore her heritage through her photography.

Another thing to think about, the EPA doesn’t care how much equipment you ruin, and this older equipment can benefit from the oils that were blended for use in older stuff.To re-cap….several things I think necessary in an old splash system Lister magnets in the sump, some people even fit a screen with coarse cloth fiber material under it, all at the bottom of the deep sumps (if you have one) any particles in the oil will eventually drop out between runs, and get trapped. Always check the top bushing on your crank pin at regular intervals, look for contamination and pitting, change the shell if you see trouble..Is there any reason I can not use 5w30 oil in the winter for easier starting?I have been sick lately and just can’t hand crank it like I used to.

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