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They will always have codes on the bottom but instead of being birth codes they are lot codes and this is the way they want it to be intentionally to throw off consumers from knowing the product they are buying is stale.Let’s face it, we have all tried a value or discount brand and we can all pretty much say we have had a stale pack at least once.The problem I have is that there are a few brands that I just can't figure out how to decipher the codes on and it's not very descriptive as to what the code should look like.For example: American Spirits have a six digit number stamped on the end of the carton. Putting in the first five tells me it's expired and the last five says it's not.Hey guys, first time posting here and I'm not sure if this fits.(I am a smoker, if that counts for anything) Google has been pretty unhelpful in my quest for answers, so I thought maybe someone here might be able to help.Always wondered about those codes and what a smoke would taste like if it way made today instead of sitting on a shelf for so many months.#7 (permalink) 01 25 2013, 04 16 PM jdwsmokes Moderator Join Date Jan 2013 Location United States Posts 104 Rep Power 12 I have been getting nothing but stale to very stale cigarettes for months don’t know if it is the time of year or what.

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On our computer, there's a "calculator" where I can put in the code and it just tells me if they're expired or not.

9 equals the year of production I hate stale cigarettes and stores which sell them so I hope this helps someone.

Remember to check while in the store as most retailers will not swap cigarettes or give refunds once you leave the store. Phillip Morris claims a 14 month shelf life of cigarettes which I would have agreed with a few years ago.

(One I have on hand at the moment has 287151)If anyone can help with this, that would be awesome.

If not, any suggestions on better places to look would be greatly appreciated!

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