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Yet Solomon acquired no fewer than one thousand wives and concubines (1 Kings 11:3).

In the ancient world, polygamy was a way to flaunt your wealth, ensure many offspring, and cement strategic alliances.

You are not sexually broken: you have made pledges, formed accountability groups, and sworn to remain pure.

It is certainly a wonderful goal to strive for such things.

That’s why the standard moralistic approach to sexual sin — “Just stop it! If our sexual brokenness reflects our idolatry — false worship — then healing in this area will come only as we grow in our love for the gospel — true worship.

Perhaps some reading this are quite sure that none of this applies to you.

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Because our sexuality is such a deep part of our identity, that false worship is going to appear clearly in our sexual brokenness.On a human level, those reasons seemed wise, designed to give security to the royal house.But acquiring one thousand lovers is a sign of a heart determined to be self-sufficient and independent of God.The Song of Songs explains that sexual love is like flaming fire (Song 8:6): something beautiful and warming in its proper place, but terrifying and destructive if unrestrained.For us, just as for Solomon, sex is never just about sex.

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