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Then she heads onto the set for the first of typically six updates she’ll deliver during the three-hour run of After delivering her headlines, Mele makes her way back to her nook behind the set, where she grabs a granola bar and looks over her next news update.

Sarah Thistlethwaite holds her twin daughters, Jenna and Jillian, after her delivery of the monoamniotic twin girls at Akron General Hospital in Akron, Ohio.

Mele largely avoids news until around 4 p.m., when she begins to prep for the next day’s show.

THE former boyfriend of murdered Jillian Howell has told of her beautiful smile and how she will always have a place in his heart.

Mele has just a minute or two to review the stories she’ll be delivering during her first news update.

She goes over the copy written by her producers as her makeup gets a quick touch-up.

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