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Eventually, Jill addressed to the assumptions about her engagement and confirmed that the man featured on her social media was indeed, her fiancee. The Hand-crafted actress gets to visit places all over America, but she still loves spending time with her family more.She seemed ecstatic to announce their relationship and made it clear that he was her 'One True Love.' Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to my fiancé who is my best buddy and partner in crime . In a recent Instagram post, Jill revealed that she and her fiancee had bought a house sometime in December 2016, so maybe the date of her marriage is not that far away.

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Most known for her work in the commercials for Lincoln-Mercury cars which got her dubbed the title "Mercury Girl" as well as the eccentric co-host and interviewer of the comedic reality game "Wipeout," Jill Wagner is finally starting her steps towards the married life.So is it supposed to be even funnier to us as viewers when we’ve spent many years staring at a star’s manly mug on the big screen and then see his womanly, awkward transformation?for no particular reason other than we love telling folks that we haven’t watched since “Justin Guarini got robbed” and we haven’t had a sip of regular Absolut in years, not because we object to the taste, but because we find it more “au courant” to loudly and snobbishly proclaim that regular vodka, and particularly, that vodka, are vestiges of a dark era in mixology circa the '90s.And if we were busted sipping something that mainstream and obvious, well we might get our hipster cards revoked.But there are reasons things become mainstream, other than consumers’ laziness or lack of curiosity, and many reasons why we still enjoy drinking Jack Daniel’s, which, first bottled in 1866, is now the best-selling whiskey in the world.

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